Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about The Magic Duster cleaning services.

Do you do one time cleaning only, or can you clean on a regular basis?

Many of our clients prefer weekly cleaning, which we provide. Cleaning service is done as requested by the customer.

How many people will be at home during the cleaning service?

Between one and three people depending on the size of the cleaning service. Still, it is most common to have a couple working at each cleaning location.

Do I need to provide my own equipment and cleaning materials?

We come to your location with all necessary equipment and cleaning materials, unless you want to provide an additional special type of product.

What type of cleaning products do you work with?

We work with 2 type of products, including strong degreasers to clean oves and organic products, whichever you prefer.

If I decide for regularly scheduled cleaning, will the same staff come every time?

We usually send the same cleaning team as long as you feel comfortable with them. If for some reason, we cannot send the usual staff members, we will call you in advance to ask you if you are ok, having a different team come do the cleaning. One thing we can assure you, every single member of our staff is completely qualified to do any type of cleaning.

When does the cleaning staff arrive?

Once your cleaning appointment has been scheduled, you can count on our staff arriving on time. If for some reason, our staff is running late, you will receive a call indicating the reason for the tardiness, and the estimated time of arrival.

Do I need to give special indications to your staff?

Every single member of our staff is highly trained to perform the cleaning services we offer. Still, if you would like to provide particular indications to our staff, you are welcome to.

How can I pay for your cleaning services?

You are welcome to pay via Zelle, Venmo or by check.